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I had the honor to talk on the phone yesterday with one of UVM’s oldest alumni, Professor Fraser Drew, Class of 1933, who will celebrate his 99th birthday this weekend. We would all be fortunate to be as sharp of mind at 99 as Fraser. It would be nice to be that sharp at 52.

Fraser Drew in 1946.

Fraser grew up in Randolph, Vermont, studied classics at UVM, where he was a loyal member of Lambda Iota fraternity and dedicated staffer on the Cynic. His career took him into academia where he was a beloved and influential English teacher at Buffalo State-SUNY across more than three decades. Also a collector of books, his love of literature brought him into contact with American literary icons Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway, visiting them in their homes in Ripton, Vermont, and Havana, Cuba.

The fall issue of Vermont Quarterly will share more about Fraser and also excerpts from several of his well-written, keenly remembered recollections of UVM in a very different era.


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